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Hero's Spirit Prologue


The Kingdom of Plutonia, home of the Guilds, the birthplace of the Hero of Fate and the Bringer of Chaos, a thousand years after their fateful battle a new generation of heroes is looking to find a place in the history books. Rabi is still trying to figure out his own path when he rescues a young man from the hands of a mysterious organisation hiding behind white masks and starts learning about truths he didn't ask to know. 


✧ Hello, I'm Alera, I'm an artist who tried writing a thing :') 

This project is a pure creator indulgence, a crossover between the two art groups I'm in. I mainly wanted an excuse to reveal more of Rabi's past and I threw Rozen in there to help move the plot along. Oh, and I shamelessly added my friends' characters too~ Consider it an alternate universe with 4 different paths/endings to explore.


Length: Short ( < 10k~ words ) 

 Rating: PG12 ( Mild language and injuries)

Endings: 4 + 1 Secret Scene


Art, writing, programming, etc - Alera

Music from: https://machinimasound.com/ , Everet Almond and Lionel Schmitt

Made with: Ren'Py

Additional thanks: Pika, for the Amberhill name and being an amazing tester and Ash for bearing with me as I was despairing over music


Rabi, Rozen, Jeanne, Masked Figures - Alera

Jhudiel and Jhudiel dialogue, moral support - Silve

Akil and Akil dialogue - Kuma

My fave boi Caleb - Mia

Gobos, RD and RD Dialogue - The amazing PQ Mods

The universe this game takes place in was created and belongs to the Pixel Quests Mods, huge thanks for the hard work they do for us to keep us inspired and entertained and for allowing me to make this.

References to Guardian of Animus from Rozen's story


- If you encounter any crashes/issues, please let me know! If you would like to translate/port/or anything else, please contact me first so we can work together. 

- If you have any questions, leave a comment but be mindful of spoilers! 

- If you would like to support what I do, simply leaving a positive review or comment is enough (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ Oh, and tell your friends about it~

Disclaimer: This game was created for NaNoRenO2020, in my own free time with software I own, and has no association with the company I work for and represent.

Install instructions


  • For Zip files - Download and unzip, run .exe to play
  • For Windows Installer - run .exe to install and play

(The Mac and Linux builds are at this point untested, please contact if there's any issues)

How to play:

Click to advance text and make choices. ( You can also use keyboard.) 

Scrollwheel to rollback and read previous text. Esc to open menu and save/load/preference or alternatively, there are small buttons at the bottom of the screen. 


Windows Installer 112 MB
Windows and Linux Zip 129 MB
Mac OS Zip 111 MB

Development log


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Bonjour ! J'ai un petit souci, je n'arrive pas a ouvrir le jeu, il ce supprime directement :/ mais sinon ça a l'air magnifique !

Hi, thanks for the interest! This is an odd issue, maybe it's your antivirus or Windows Defender deleting the game by accident? I've heard of this happening, try temporary disabling and downloading again. (And don't forget to turn it back on again after!)

(Google translate)

Salut, merci pour l'intérêt! C'est un problème étrange, c'est peut-être votre antivirus ou Windows Defender qui supprime le jeu par accident? J'ai entendu parler de cela, essayez de désactiver temporairement et de télécharger à nouveau. (Et n'oubliez pas de le rallumer après!)

looks beautiful sadly I couldn't get it to work hopefully I can try it out sometime if I can figure out the problem

Hello! Apologies about the late reply. Have you managed to figure out what was wrong? Did an error or anything pop up? Let me know and I'll try to help! 

The art looks beautiful. When you have time would you be able to give us a short description for the game though?

Thank you!! ////

Yes, I updated with a bit of info and some screenshots today~

It took awhile but the game is finally released! Thank you for taking interest! 

(Yo, NanoWIP buddies!!!)

Can't wait to see the running demo!

Eiii, good luck finishing yours! >v<

Demo might have to wait until the weekend but in the meantime, I added some screenshots~

Hey, it's much later than I expected, but the full game is finally released if you wanted to check it out!